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I am an innovative, progressive, and strategic communications leader with a commitment to the mission of education. I am someone who embraces creativity, new ideas and problem-solving. I am no stranger to multitasking, organizing and communicating effectively with varied groups of people.

LinkedIn Profile:


  • Positive and professional,  presentation and public speaking skills

  • Design and management of printed and digital marketing

  • Skilled in strategic and critical thinking and managing multiple complex activities and projects

  • Leadership and excellent interpersonal skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills




University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA

Teaching Assistant, Educational Psychology, College of Education (Jan 2020-present)


  • Design online curriculum and website page 

  • Utilize Moodle, Zoom, Kahoot, Slack and Packback technology

  • Advise and interact with undergraduate students

  • Collaborate with Educational Psychology teaching team

  • Deliver weekly discussion section lessons

  • Proctor exams and grade submitted work

Research Assistant, Office of International Programs (Jan 2019-present)

  • Assist the director with organizing and promoting global field work opportunities

  • Facilitate International Backpack Community Outreach Project for local schools

  • Lead office and campus event planning and production

  • Coordinate exchange programs and seminars for visiting international scholars

  • Promotion and marketing of global field work programs

  • Develop project based global field work curriculum for local high school students


Saipan International School, Saipan, CNMI, USA

7th-10th Grade Literature and Composition Teacher (Aug 2015 - Aug 2017)


  • Taught creative writing techniques through Writer’s Workshop

  • Taught Drama as part of the Arts program

  • Assisted students in the development of analytical, and critical thinking skills

  • Taught World Literature, American Literature as well as Junior High English courses

  • Coached award-winning SIS National Speech and Debate Association Team

  • Co-Advisor of the Art Club, Editor In Chief of The Scoop (school newspaper)


EFL Instructor (Dec 2013 - Jan 2013)


  • Designed curriculum for month-long English language learning intensive program

  • Introduced local culture to Korean students, through discussions and presentations of cuisine and dance

  • Allowed students to use English dialogue they were taught in a fun, natural environment

  • Created and utilized various English vocabulary  games for students to play in the classroom

  • Assigned projects enabling students to creatively express themselves through art and movement


Saipan Southern High School, Saipan, CNMI, USA

10th Grade English Language Arts Teacher (Aug 2014 - Aug 2015)


  • Encouraged students to enhance vocabulary skills through weekly assessments                                                                                                                      

  • Students improved skills in descriptive writing, critical thinking, and annotations

  • Introduced students to literature circles method where they actively work together to analyze and discuss themes in literature, author’s purpose in writing, author’s style and literary devices.

  • Created a classroom library to encourage independent reading among students

  • Served as Co-Chairman of the English Department, Sophomore Class Advisor, and Co-Advisor of MYWAVE Club (Marianas Youth Welcomes All Visitors Enthusiastically)


11th Grade English Language Arts Teacher (Feb 2014 - Aug 2014)


  • Taught lessons on modern American literature, poetry and grammar

  • Taught writing workshops to help students improve essay and story writing skills

  • Prepared students for SAT and ASVAB tests as well as general college transition

  • Encouraged public speaking and research project completion on various topics


Disney English School, Shanghai, PRC

Foreign Trainer/EFL Instructor (May 2012 - July 2013)


  • Created and executed comprehensive lesson plans to teach English as a foreign language

  • Introduced various western cultures and the Disney brand to children aged 3-7

  • Utilized methods that reflect the theory of multiple intelligences

  • Used various activities, toys and innovative technology such as interactive whiteboards and Senteo assessment software

  • Conducted sales demonstrations for potential students and their parents

  • Assessed potential students’ abilities to ensure proper course level placement

  • Extracurricular event creation, planning and scheduling

Aston Educational Group, Jinan, Shandong, PRC

EFL Instructor (March 2011 - March 2012)


  • Created and executed comprehensive lesson plans to teach English as a second language to children aged 6-17, and adults aged 18-40

  • Managed Western Culture Club, which contributed to fostering an understanding of various non-Asian cultural and societal norms through research, activities and presentations.


Gage Eckington Elementary School, Washington, DC, USA

Tutor (Aug 2005 - May 2006)


  • Tutored children in grades 2-5 in Social Sciences and reading comprehension




Marianas Young Professionals, Saipan, CNMI, USA

Community Youth Mentorship Program (June 2016 - June 2017)

Typhoon Soudelor Recovery Relief Efforts (Aug 2015 - Sept 2015)


Marianas Visitors Authority, Saipan, CNMI, USA

MYWAVE - Marianas Youth Welcomes All Visitors Enthusiastically Club Advisor (Aug 2014 - May 2015)


Heart to Heart, Shanghai, PRC

Playroom Volunteer (Oct 2012 - June 2013)


Grace International Outreach Ministries, Worcester, MA, USA

Volunteer (2002 - 2008)



The Graduate College of Education - University of Illinois

Champaign-Urbana campus, Illinois, USA (Present - 2020)  

Master in Education Policy, Organization & Leadership- Diversity and Inclusion/Global Studies


Teachers College-TEFL Institute - Columbia University

New York, USA (Dec 2011- June 2012)

Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children Certificate


Cathy Hughes School of Communications - Howard University

Washington, DC, USA (Aug 2004 - May 2009)

Bachelor of Arts in Television Production; Minor in Caribbean Studies- Sociology


United States Board of Education Praxis

I and II teaching certification exams


National Education Association



Illinois Education Association


Marianas Young Professionals


Kappa Delta Pi



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