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Playing Games

Ninth graders and tenth graders were placed in literature circles. In the ninth grade, they read various short stories about overcoming obstacles. Some were fiction, some non fiction. Tenth graders read Native American myths and legends. After reading their stories they chose to read, they held group discussions, annotated and analyzed the stories. They also gave presentations on the stories. Part of their presentations included creating trivia games for their classmates to engage in. Pictured below are some of their games.

Two are for Saving Apollo 13 by Michael Useem. One is a board game, during which students rolled dice to determine the number of spaces their marker piece could move along the board. Then they answered questions based on the story.

The lime green board game is based on the same story, however students needed to answer questions on cards which gave them clues as to where certain items were hidden. It was a combination of a board game and a treasure hunt. Students gave out prizes to those who won the games.

The other game shown below is based on The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday. It is designed similar to the popular gameshow, Jeopardy. Students chose numbers, which determined the question they would have to answer. If they answered correctly, they recieved that number of points. The person/team with the most points at the end won the game.

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