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Vivacious Vignettes

Students in my seventh grade class are reading Sandra Cisneros' compilation of vignettes entitled House on Mango Street. It's been one of my favorite books ever since my former teacher introduced it to me in the sixth grade. So far, the students seem to enjoy "meeting" the interesting characters of this lively Chicago neighborhood. After reading the first eight chapters and many discussions, they engaged in a new activity. They were tasked with creating their own vignettes on subjects used in House on Mango Street. Below is a copy of a vignette submitted by one of my students., a brilliant writer.

A Place of My Own by M.G.

My house is not big. It can’t be. Or else there would be no space for anyone else. But its

cozy, peaceful, and comfortable. The Zen garden outside that my father spent so much

time on, glitters in the sunshine from all the little crystals, scattered on the rocky ground.

The three big stones stacked up on top of each other have a power, to slow time down

as you gazed at the simplicity. The balcony has an inviting warmth, glowing everywhere.

The couch swing silently rocks in the wind. The coconut trees rustle and sometimes you

hear the waves crashing onto the rocky shore, cascading back in, taking thousands of

pieces of coral each time. The smell of the cushion welcomes you in its soft but firm

arms, as you sink in drifting off into the dark, mysterious galaxies of the mind.

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