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Super Comics

We completed a short unit based on comic books in our Writers' Workshop course earlier this month. The students held discussions based on their favorite comic books, super heroes and villains. We also debated the criteria for all great comic books. Some students declared they must include love stories, multiple sub plots and complex characters. Other students said the stories didn't need all of that and were fine if they stuck to the basic story line. After some analysis and conversations based on the topic, students were tasked with creating their very own comics. They couldn't borrow story lines or characters from famous comic series. It had to be completely (or close to completely) original. At first, they commented that it would be easy, but their tunes changed.

In the reflections they wrote on their experience after they finished their books-they all wrote that they learned that writing comics can be pretty challenging. From creating dynamic characters to conveying messages and capturing readers' attention-it was quite the process. Even though it was hard work, they enjoyed themselves and asked for us to do it again before the school year ends! It was definitely a proud teaching moment for me. I hope you enjoy viewing the few samples of their work photographed below.

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