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Chapter Poems

Students in the eighth grade are reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, a classic American author. For each chapter, we engage in a different activity, which can vary from prediction charts to even drawings. At the end of chapter three, students were tasked with creating poetry based on the events. Below are samples of what some of the students wrote.


" Carlson gently leashed my dog's neck and lead him outside.

As I hear the uneven rhythm of my dog's walking pace, I knew I had no choice but to let go.

My heart tightens as I hear each step from somewhere more and more distant to me,

From somewhere my hands won't be able to reach anymore,

I grip my hand into a fist until my knuckles turn white.

I felt the silence that fell on this room becoming heavier and heavier, each breath heard

in detail,

But I knew myself, that my heart, right this moment, was heavier than anything else.

A minute passed, and so did a few more until a shot was heard.

I knew it was so foolish of me to be so forlorn over a dog but I had him since he was a pup.

It was then when I decided to let go of everything, I had loosened my fist

I let go of the stitches in my heart that bounded my heart from ripping,

and I let go of my past."

Maury Zon:

"A shot sounded in the distance.

They turned to the old man

He continued to stare at the ceiling

He slowly turned his face to the wall with great despair

It was like he just lost

a friend

a pet

mostly family

He still laid down


He had him since he was a pup"


" His voice trailed off into the darkness

He lay silent, and stared at the ceiling

As the shot sounded in the distance

Silence fell on the room

I stared at him, as a tear rolled down his cheek

He tried to hold back, but he couldn't

He finally got the courage to look over

To see his dog

Laying on the ground



"As the shot sounded in the distance,

The silence came into the room

And his voice trailed off

It was silent outside

The footsteps died away

Everyone lay silent and

Stared at the ceiling

A gnawing sound was heard

After the gnawing sound,

A snapping noise was heard."

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